Hidden Images in The Joseph of Arimathea Stained Glass Window.

This technique of laying over double transparencies was introduced to me by Geoff Stray, he mentioned Maurice Cotterell, note the name Maurice..May your eyes see. Maurice Cotterell deciphered The Lost Tomb of Viracocha and wrote some excellent books about his discoveries, which Geoff recommended.. I already had one transparency of The Joseph of Arimathea stained… Continue reading Hidden Images in The Joseph of Arimathea Stained Glass Window.

Pharez and Zarah as Gemini

Gemini Effigy at Compton Dundon, which is the eye of a Donkey. (see Gallery of Effigies) Don Key.. Don Wisdom, Wise Domain, Fort of Wisdom.   She holds a Baby in a manger.  Above The Child’s face, Three letters A D M    The Davidic Harp symbol transforming the landscape, to A City of David.… Continue reading Pharez and Zarah as Gemini


  Cetus, the Leviathan Totem of the Levites The effigy of a Whale appears below Glastonbury, Somerset, UK 51 07’36.14N   2 41’34.56W Totem of the Levites, Cetus the Whale, the Leviathan be, Find the jaws of a whale In the Abbey! Three days in a whale, Lost at sea, A whale of a tale… Continue reading Cetus


Taurus The effigy of a Bull’s head and front leg, at Compton Dundon, Somerset, UK. 51 06 N  2 44 W House of Issachar, The Golden Calf, Add thirty degrees, Onto Taurus we go, His red starry eye, As above, so below Mirrors Aldebaran’s gaseous glow, His horns welcomed the sunrise, For over two thousand… Continue reading Taurus


        A Two Headed Phoenix, an ancient symbol of the Michael Zadok Priesthood, known as the immortals. One head traditionally drinking from The Chalice Well, the other head following the direction of the flying wings,                                  … Continue reading Aquarius