The Glastonbury Zodiac, Gallery of Effigies.

Katharine Maltwood’s Temple of The Stars, so named in 1925 Arthur’s Round Table, a temple to time. As above so below, here the stars are reflected in a planisphere correct landscape. West of the Zodiac the landscape has many wonderful and magical secrets, glorius effigies decorate the path to the western sunset, the path of… Continue reading The Glastonbury Zodiac, Gallery of Effigies.

King on Horseback

A king on horseback, this massive effigy is visible on Google Earth. His head is locally known as the city of Street or Aries. He lies with his head west, within the Glastonbury Zodiac. His right shoulder is Glastonbury!  This massive effigy lies West-East, his head in the West, with his eye looking South. His… Continue reading King on Horseback

The Joseph of Arimathea Stained Glass Window, hidden images

  This face appeared! I thought Hallo, what else is here? This technique of laying over double transparencies was introduced to me by a friend, he mentioned the author Maurice Cotterell, note the name Maurice..May your eyes see. Maurice Cotterell deciphered The Lost Tomb of Viracocha and wrote some excellent books about his discoveries, which… Continue reading The Joseph of Arimathea Stained Glass Window, hidden images

Cetus at Northover

Cetus the Whale, or Leviathan, Totem of the Levites. There is a massive Whale Jaw bone in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. The image above is Katharine Maltwood’s effigy of Cetus.   Turning this image slightly The second image is my own observation from space, expanding the shape outwards reveals a Man on a Donkey,… Continue reading Cetus at Northover