Scorpio House of Gad 51 06N  2 35W The effigy of a Scorpion appears at Fosse Way, Somerset, Uk Some say a Scorpion Some say an Eagle Some said he was a Priest Or an Angel Long since passed Through Scorpio On the barge of the Light of Antares Our Sun King… Continue reading Scorpio


  Dove The Dove as Venus, Libra was a Roman addition to the Zodiac, culled from the claws of Scorpio. The effigy of a  Dove appears at Barton St David. Somerset UK 64  NW 63   NE Blessed by the message of the Dove, The cornucopia of Virgo, Receives from Venus above, The light of… Continue reading Dove


  Virgo House of Asher The effigy of a Maid, Mother, and Hag appear at Babcary, Somerset, UK. 51 03N 2 37W To Virgo across the starry sky, Spica, Virgo’s brightest star, Below in the land, A Goddess implied, Maid, Mother and Hag defined, The River Cary flows, Past her nose to her hem, Her… Continue reading Virgo


      Leo                     House of Judah  Judah is a lions whelp. He stooped down, he crouched like a lion..  Jacob                                                  … Continue reading Leo


  Gemini The effigy of a Man Dundon and Bradley Hill 51 05N 2 44 W House of Simeon and Levi Castor and Pollux Gemini so bright A beacon for sailors In the blink of an eye Orion holds Gemini His right arm in the ground The path of the ecliptic In the palm of… Continue reading Gemini


    Pisces 51 08′ 26 79N  2 43’30 97W Two fish swimming in opposite directions appear at Wearyall Hill and Glastonbury Tor. House of Ephraim and Manasseh From Pisces to Aries The Fisher King To the golden fleece First find The Holy tree A crown of thorns planted A wish granted On the crest… Continue reading Pisces