House of Judah

Judah is a lions whelp. He stooped down, he crouched like a lion..  Jacob

51 04N    2 42W

The effigy of a Winged Lion appears at Somerton, Somerset, UK.

A Lion’s heart

Long hidden here

Arthur’s Chair

A secret there

Look within the lion’s lair

Lies down with a golden fleece

Like Guenevere’s hair

The grail inself

The lion’s paws

Who rests here

Lance of Light

Between Virgo Leo

And Guen eve ‘ere

The heart of the Grand Man

Regulus, reveals a door

An entrance to a palace here

Where Arthur’s gang

Would raise a cheer

When they returned

From the hunt

Venison to celebrate

All the halls to decorate

Summer palace in full bloom

Kings and Queens in every room

House of plenty

Full of Love

The Dove above

The Lion below

Venus and Leo.

The stars that make Kings

The Lions have wings

ordained by the sword of light

In a stone cave,

a fertility rite.