Pharez and Zarah as Gemini

Gemini Effigy at Compton Dundon, which is the eye of a Donkey.

(see Gallery of Effigies)

Don Key.. Don Wisdom, Wise Domain, Fort of Wisdom.


She holds a Baby in a manger.  Above The Child’s face, Three letters A D M    The Davidic Harp symbol transforming the landscape, to A City of David.

In Gematria A =1,  D=4, M = 1000, so here is the A =Adam, D=David, M=Messiah or the 14000 here with Joseph of Arimathea lay. 14000th part of the radius of the Earth

see: pagecxxvii; Manly P Hall  – The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Noah And His Zodiacal Ark. from Myer’s Qabbalah.

The effigy of Orion as a Man surrounded by an Eagle, a winged Bull, and 2 winged Lions.

                                 He Holds a Harp, The symbol of King David.



Image by Katharine Emma Maltwood.

The right hand of God.

The sum of the three sides of the triangle made by the arm of the effigy are 432.

The right angle at 51.84 degrees x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 186,624 miles/ sec sq. = speed of light.