House of Zebulon shall be a haven for ships!

The effigy of a ship appears at Somerton Moor

Somerset, UK

51 05N 2 46W

House of Zebulon

As Zebulon shall dwell at the haven of the sea, and he shall be a haven for ships..



A mighty ship came to shore

We had never been here before

The forest thick and green

With food and animals

We had never seen

This land was written in the stars

We followed our ancestors

Old stories of the skies were told

A secret city to unfold

The burial place of ancient Kings

Giants in a zodiacal ring

No maps or books to lead us there

The stories and the spoken word

Were the maps we heard

And so we came from star to star

The Knower he led the way

For as above so below

Was the only way to go

The shining ones

They knew the path

Travel by night

Rest in the day

So our mighty vessel

Wrecked on the land

She was built to save the people

A miracle we made it through

I see you Adamic Man

Your head Aries

Your feet Piscean

Your Heart in which the Grail rests

This hallowed ground

Marks the place

The ship of light

Through eternity sails

Where Cancer emerges

from the water a mast

From House of Zebulon

A haven for ships

Brings Kings to the fore

From the light of the Doves wing

Holy spirit from above

Like Horus in his ancient boat

The path of the Moon mother

Bathed in love

The light of Awen

Wings of white light

Cancer she has a secret part!

30 degrees from mast to mast

A secret 13th lunar month between

Brings the soul of the King

From dark into light

He lies in a manger

Cradled Gemini

Orion, the Son of the Sun

A full circle of precession

The return of the One

The stars in the sky

The Son of Man

The Son of the Sun

The circular temple never dies..

Here then is “the Ship with no sail or oars” where lies Ancient Royalty, a riddle of sorts as the effigy ship carries their souls with the movement of the Earth,  reflected in the heavens at 216, the sympathetic lunar path on Earth as measured by The Temple of The New Jerusalem in Avalon.

Thanks Google Earth