The Girt Dog of Langport


The Girt Dog, or great Dog at Langport, our own Anubis or Hecate’s Dog. This may explain some of the many and varied Dog stories across Somerset. Sitting west of the Glastonbury Zodiac…


In Merlin’s secret star temple,

The Temple of the Stars,

protected by a giant dog,

And brave Knights Templars,

Outside the Circle,

Guarding the Grail,

The great Dog awaits,

To welcome new pilgrims,

At the initiates gates,

His nose Burrow Mump,

A giant red beacon,

From lands far away,

To his tail down at Wagg,

Hecate’s dog, Albion’s hag

Anubis and Cerberus,

Guiding the dead,

From middle earth,

To the underworld,

A wild ride we read..

A lone rider on a unicorn,

Appears and then beyond the fog,

Two Riders on one horse,

Poor Knights accompany,

The Dog..