Taurus The effigy of a Bull’s head and front leg, at Compton Dundon, Somerset, UK. 51 06 N  2 44 W House of Issachar, The Golden Calf, Add thirty degrees, Onto Taurus we go, His red starry eye, As above, so below Mirrors Aldebaran’s gaseous glow, His horns welcomed the sunrise, For over two thousand… Continue reading Taurus


        A Two Headed Phoenix, an ancient symbol of the Michael Zadok Priesthood, known as the immortals. One head traditionally drinking from The Chalice Well, the other head following the direction of the flying wings,                                  … Continue reading Aquarius


    Capricorn House of Napthali if a hind let loose, he giveth goodly words.. Jacob 51 08N   2 40W The effigy of a Goatfish appears at Ponter’s Ball Somerset, Uk. On the cusp of dawn, A Unicorn horn, A gate called Ponter’s  Ball, To the Summerlands, The Scapegoat at Capricorn, The tale of the… Continue reading Capricorn


  Sagittarius The effigy of Joseph, Arthur, The King appears as he rides in Avalon, West Pennard, Somerset, UK. 51 07N  2 39W A warrior King, At the table round, Arthur rides here, in effigy A Centaur in the ground, His eye from Stonehenge, Looks to the Abbey Nave, The path of the Sun, One… Continue reading Sagittarius


      Scorpio House of Gad 51 06N  2 35W The effigy of a Scorpion appears at Fosse Way, Somerset, Uk   Some say a Scorpion Some say an Eagle Some said he was a Priest Or an Angel Long since passed Through Scorpio On the barge of the Light of Antares Our Sun… Continue reading Scorpio


  Dove The Dove as Venus, (Libra was a Roman addition to the Zodiac included at the claws of Scorpio to represent the balance at the Equinox.)                                                        … Continue reading Dove


  Virgo House of Asher The effigy of a Maid, Mother, and Hag appear at Babcary, Somerset, UK. 51 03N 2 37W To Virgo across the starry sky, Spica, Virgo’s brightest star, Below in the land, A Goddess implied, Maid, Mother and Hag defined, The River Cary flows, Past her nose to her hem, Her… Continue reading Virgo