Gemini at Dundon


Gemini appears to be the effigy of a Man.

Dundon and Bradley Hill.

51 05N 2 44 W.

Pharaz and Zarah,

Gemini so bright,

A beacon for sailors,

In the blink of an eye,

Orion as Gemini,

                                                                 The return of The Son,

His right arm in the ground,

The path of the ecliptic,

In the palm of his hand,

Gemini’s twin lies within,

The Divine Lunar Mother,

The Vessel of The Grail,

                                                             She 13th Secret Lunar Barque,

      The Great White and Silver Ship,

                                                               The Path of the Moon,

Carries the Souls of Kings,

On the Exodus embark,

The Lost Box of The Patriach,

Brought to Sarras in the Dark,

Solarman’s Temple  at 2160,

The riddle of The Cube,

Hidden Within,

A Temple of Time,

A round Table of Measure,

A Golden Mean Clock,

Time is the Treasure…