Pisces at Wearyall Hill.




51 08′ 26 79N  2 43’30 97W

Two fish swimming in opposite directions appear

at Wearyall Hill and Glastonbury Tor.

House of Ephraim and Manasseh

Pisces - touched up by Jeff

From Pisces to Aries

The Fisher King

To the golden fleece

First find The Holy tree

A crown of thorns planted

A wish granted

On the crest of the hill

Weary all we be

We are all here

As the eyes of the sea

For we are the place

of the fishes three!

Cetus the whale

Is tied to our tails

The totem of the Levites

The Leviathan be

From Pisces to Aries

Count thirty degrees

2160 years

For each of these

The Fish on the ear

Of the Ram denotes

Pisces Austrinus

The Southern Fish

The end of an age

Another spoke in the wheel

The Lamb lay down

The Fishes swam on

So onward around this zodiac found

The circle of eternity

Heaven in the ground..

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