Knowers Ark

Noah’s Zodiacal Ark from Secret Teachings of all Ages by Manly P Hall


Navigation stories

Wild outrageous tales

Winged Lions and sea monsters

Cetus the whale

Aries the Golden fleece

Found by Cancers Lunar ship

The soul incarnates

From the Dove

Through the portal of a secret month

Regulas the heart of the Lion

The eye of the Bull

Around the zodiac with irresistible pull

Through Gemini man initiates

And meditates his fate

At earth rise and earth set

The beauty of the sun

Meet the gaze of the Virgin

And then it is on to winter

And Scorpios sting

Or an eagles wing

Sagittarius as knower

Points his bow

To the morning after

Capricornus waves his tail

His sturdy front feet climb up the Tor

The Phoenix burns a new path of light

All of these play day and night

The ordered precession of the stars

Each one has its own hours

Onto Pisces astral grid

The eye of a fish

A pyramid..

The New Jerusalem

Drawn by the minds eye

In the land

The angle of the Sun

The soft light of the moon

The shadow from the obelisk

Lights a secret room..

This place is both womb and tomb

The mighty virgin protective around

The child she bore

Mother and Child in the ground

The correct numbers and order abound

By all this light and sound

The jewel in the crown

Yet to be found..

The Adamic Man lies in state

The vessel Temple venerate

The great ship for the ferryman

Souls to ferry through the universe

Fool or the hanged man

So the light of Knowers Ark

The Pearl waits in the dark

For those with eyes to see

And ears to hear

All will be beckoned here

Sea Kings lye here

The sky in the ground

Fit for adventure

Befitting their birth

Bring heavens stars to earth

For here the Sun and the Moon give berth

A metaphor for Mother Earth

And Father Sky

The Son of the Sun

Becomes the one

All around him revolve

And from the light of his ancestors

The planets and the stars

To become the King

And wear the universe

As a mantle or a cloak

Where ever a life

Predicted by the stars

As above, So below

was the coat for our hero

And so the crown upon his head

To better pick up

What the cosmos said

Then to re enact each day

The path of the Sun to show the way..

Once upon an age

There lived a very ancient sage

Some thought he was a king

He wore a very ancient ring

His soul travelled

The far reaches of Earth

The stars and the planets

Still speak of his birth

He was timeless ageless

He carried the bloodline

And the knowledge of the ages

Through Egypt from Atlantis

(All the land is ice)

The old Monk sits on the Tor

Remembering the times before

Who is this Knower?

He stands at the edge of the abyss

And rides the Earth

As a long ship through space

He lives the stories of the stars

Upon a mighty ship

Came to ground

And here he stands

Alone and ship wrecked on the land

But he is not alone

For there are giants in the Earth

Not a ring for a finger

Nor a crown for a head

But a circlet to measure

The seasons instead

A circle of giants

A ring for a King

His father had told him

Of such a thing

Born from the ring

Lion King’s from Leo’s Regulus

Dragons from Draco’s light

Regal as their name

For a Lion heart is born not made

From a conjunction of the stars

A circle of the Zodiac

All the animals

Around the Ark..

To show the way

For down the path shone

The sword in the stone

By the light of the universe

A new king is born

A sword of the Sun

The sword of the King

The cave as the man

In stone he lies

Until touched again..

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