The Girt Dog The Glastonbury Zodiac..

The Girt Dog of Langport

The effigy of a Great Dog appears at Langport,

Somerset, UK

51 03N  2 51W

In Merlin’s secret star temple

The Temple of the Stars

protected by a giant dog

And brave Knights Templars

Outside the Circle

Guarding the Grail

Though not a zodiac constellation

The great Dog awaits

To welcome new pilgrims

At the initiates gates

His nose Burrow Mump

A giant red beacon

From lands far away

To his tail down at Wagg

Hecate’s dog, Albion’s hag

Anubis and Cerberus

Guiding the dead

From middle earth

To the underworld

A wild ride we read..

A lone rider on a unicorn

Appears and then beyond the fog

Two Riders on one horse

Poor Knights accompany

The Dog..