Aquarius The Somerset Zodiac..

The two headed Phoenix,

An ancient symbol of the Melchizadek Priests.

One head traditionally drinking from The Chalice Well,

the other head following the direction of the flying wings,

into the sunset to be reborn by the waters each day..

I found a two headed Phoenix on a floor tile in Glastonbury Abbey,

perhaps the burning Phoenix represents

the completion of The Precession Wheel of the Ages.

House of Rueben

51. 08 N, 2 42 W

                                                        .5108  x 100

The effigy of a Phoenix appears around Glastonbury, lighting up Solarman’s or Solomans Temple!

Somerset, UK

Aquarius the Water Pot

Here as Chalice Well

                                      like emoji, zodiac signs to decipher

Why the Phoenix

A Firebird in an air sign

A southern constellation

Not a Zodiacal bird

What a consternation

A sign from the ancients

For the new age dawning

The Phoenix a message

Flies over this vale

With Pyramid and Labyrinth

A hallowed Grail

The souls of great Kings

Befitting their birth

Continue their adventures

As giants in the earth

Through the stars and their light

Their souls in the circular temple

for eternity shine bright

Their stories we remember

To show us the way

Astrology and Astronomy

       All ancient navigation

The ancient GPS

The Moon is up

We ride at night

The path is bright

The legends in the stars

Alight the way

To the path of the heart

I am a star

I am a constellation

I am your next destination

Your map on the ground

and up in the sky

As the crow flies

From eye to eye..